With love and affection.


Our fleet meets the legal requirements for the transport of children (appropriate restraint systems, tachograph, doors and windows lock...). Mercedes-Benz and good maintenance ensures the safety of the most precious.


We transport every day children to their schools, private tuition, sports, activities, field trips...


Since 1991 we transport children every day, deserving the trust of parents, schools and families.

We transport children with special needs in our vans adapted for wheelchair, with an elevation platform and suitable restraint systems.

Choose Travel Vip with the assurance that you have selected a quality service at a competitive price. We do not sub-contract when we use our wide fleet, so you always know which car and driver to tell and who to hold responsible in case of dispute. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Manager in a school? Please contact us and expose your needs. Surely we will be able to meet your request.

Our team is selected and traced criminally. The locations, routes and services are recorded and auditable.

Security is knowing that we are protected by the following insurance: car, civil liability and personal accident.

Our staff has obligatorily CMT (Taxi Drivers Certificate) and TCC (Children Transport Certificate). We work with public agencies that audit our work.

We have appropriate retention chairs. Just tell the age of the child to ensure that transport is carried out with maximum safety.

We carry out transportation from schools to nearby hospitals in case of accident. We are considered by our reliability and speed of response that surpasses that of our competitors.

Travel Vip has implemented a direct communication system between the management and its customers. Leave here your opinion or complaint, which will be promptly answered.